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"Annngel,Do U See Where My Hand Is?Surely U KNOW What Tht Means?No? Then Speak 2

the Hand, We Both Agree That You're MINES...*~


*Arthur & Guinevere*


March 12th, 2015

HeLLo Everyone~*(",)*~

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September 17th, 2010

Title: Home is Where My Heart Is
Author: ladyofflower7 
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Arthur and Guinevere of course ;-) (With a tad of Merlin and a special guest appearance by Sir Leon :D
Spoilers: Season 3 x 1 (No spoilers really though, just an Arwen scene I slotted in :)
Disclaimer: I do not own any part of Merlin BBC, it’s characters, music, etc, etc, :-( This is purely for entertainment purposes.
Summary: MUCH MUCH NEEDED Missing Arthur and Guinevere scene from the episode:D
Author’s notes: I SO badly wanted, no, NEEDED an Arthur and Guinevere scene if only to hug my Arwen heart :D So here it is, I had SO many different thoughts on how to play this out, anyhoo this is what I eventually settled on, I hope you all like it. It is the very first fic I'm ever putting out there for anyone to read *bites fingers* so please be kind, but please let me know what you think, I love concrit and as always, comments are LoVe Thank you for taking the time to read and I look Oh So forward to your comments ~*(“,)*~ Arwen_Love_Forever ~*(“,)*~


She heard a splish-sploshing sound and turned around walking towards the sound of the noise, only to find Merlin walking away from Arthur’s chambers soaked, Guinevere smiled at the sight of her friend, now wet and mumbling his dissatisfaction in the most amusing way. She approached him, “Merlin, what happened? Are you alright?”

Merlin didn’t expect to see his friend who was also his Sire’s love interest of the highest proportions, coming towards him. He felt a bit silly now as he realised that Guinevere had most probably witnessed his ramblings to himself. “Aah, lovely Guinevere, what are you doing here?”

“Answering a question with a question is not a good thing Merlin.” She smiled. “What happened?”

He thought about telling her that her “True Love’s Kiss” partner was just behaving in his usual clot-pole mannerisms, but caught himself just in time. “Oh, uuhm nothing much, just got into a bit of a tussle with the Prince.” Smiling his usual “I’m annoyed but grin and bear it - happy” smile.

Guinevere bit her lip, to stop herself from laughing. No doubt, Arthur and Merlin had gotten into a squabble or the other about something and Merlin, now looking the way he did, was the result of it. She had to admit that both men were becoming more and more comfortable with each other, with more of a brotherly relationship brewing, although if she told either of them that, they’d scoff and deny any and all suggestions to that. Inwardly, Guinevere loved the fact that Arthur and Merlin were becoming so close and each day that passed she witnessed for herself the little acts of kindness that Arthur would show to the servants and normal village town people going on with their lives. She was certain that all those people would always remember Arthur’s gentleness and they too would agree that Arthur Pendragon was the ideal Ruler that Camelot so desperately needed.

With that in mind, Guinevere looked at her clearly unhappy friend and asked him if she could assist with mopping up his trail. “Really Merlin, it’s no trouble at all, you do need to get cleaned up and changed anyway.” She said in the sweetest voice.

Merlin looked at Guinevere; she was always ready to assist with anything, whether it was to lend her hand or to lend an ear. She was a catch and he was thrilled that his “Know-It-All" Prince had quickly come to his wits about that very crucial aspect as there were any number of men that were ready to sweep a lady like Guinevere off of her feet. He had a feeling that Arthur knew that fact and was still trying to figure out a way to assure his Guinevere of his love and devotion towards her. Arthur had really fallen hard for Gwen to the point of total heart ache of which the Prince himself had openly voiced and admitted, the day when they were almost livestock for the taking for those massive rats. Just thinking about that day again and what he told Arthur, it was no more truer that day than it was today, love did do strange things to people, look at Arthur, he blushed every time Gwen entered a room or even if he heard her voice or her laugh and it was even worse when he was having a one on one conversation with her. He also noticed a change in the way Arthur dealt with the servants and people of non royal blood in general, he was changing for the better and Merlin had no doubt that Gwen had played a pivotal role in that regard. The ideals, morals and values that Tom had taught his daughter had been instrumental in making Gwen the rare gem that she was.

Merlin coughed, “What about your own chores Gwen?”

“It’s not like you’re asking me to wield yet another magnificent sword that will take hours to make Merlin! It’s just a little water that needs to be mopped up.” She concluded with a genuine smile.

Merlin couldn’t help but smile at his friend’s musings, she had no idea the history behind that sword after she’d wholeheartedly given it to him, little did she know back then that it would have saved the man she loved. He hadn’t thought about that sword since the day he’d had to get rid of it. He shivered thinking about the Great Dragon’s warnings with regards to the sword and silently said a Prayer for it to never be discovered ever again.

Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, “In that case, have at it Gwen. Oh and thank you dear friend.” Merlin said and with that he was off.

Guinevere acquired all the necessary tools for operation “Clean – Up – Arthur’s – Chambers – Because – Boys - Don’t – Know – How – To – Play – Fair – Without – a - Fight” and padded softly into Arthur’s chambers. Her back was facing the door and she was almost done when she heard footsteps and assumed that it was Merlin coming to check on her. So she thought she would tease him a bit by hiding behind the door and pretending to throw him with another bucket of water as he entered. She giggled to herself and quickly hid, waiting for her prey to enter.

As the footsteps got closer, she got ready to jump out, throw an empty bucket on her friend and shock the living daylights of him. This was fun and she was in position. She counted...3, 2, 1...and out she jumped, screaming and giggling, “Got you-uuuu, ooh oh, ouch, uuuhm.”

...And there they sat, Arthur in a very awkward position with Guinevere sitting prettily in his lap with her right hand under his left hand and her left hand flung onto the other side. Slowly and silently, simultaneously realising that they’d now literally knocked each other off of their feet, Arthur and Guinevere looked tongue-tied and self conscious. Arthur was basically cradling Guinevere in his arms and lap, and he wondered when his Prayers had been answered to spend if only a little time alone with her, although he never dreamed this scenario in his wildest dreams. His beautiful lady looked ready to hyperventilate her apologies, “I’m SO sorry Arthur, I didn’t know it was you, I thought that it was Merlin coming to check on me because I insisted on cleaning this up for him and I, I well, I just wanted to tease him, but just a bit for being the obvious butt of one of your jokes yet again, and when I heard the footsteps I was certain that it was him and...”

She felt a finger on her lips before she saw it coming...And Arthur looked as surprised as she did. They stared at each other for the longest time, her eyes were like the windows to his soul and he felt like he could have drowned in the bliss of her brown liquid pools...beautiful simply beautiful thought Arthur. Quickly gathering his thoughts he put his hand down awkwardly and cleared his throat. “No, uuhm no need, really Guinevere, there is no need at all to explain,...you, ....uuuhm yes, you were, you were just having a bit of fun and clearly Merlin doesn’t mind you cleaning up after him, I need to have a talk with him in regards to the way he uses you.” Arthur finished rather hastily and out of breath, still clearly affected by the feeling of her lips on his finger...would he ever get tired of this woman whose eyes and touch haunted his dreams...he continued to look at her instead of trying to figure out that riddle which he all too well knew the answer to.

The way he was looking at her, she took a deep breath and cleared her mind as best she could. “Again, Arthur I am so very sorry, but it’s not Merlin’s fault, I offered to help him, really.”

Arthur smiled such a genuine smile that she had to still her heart. “I believe you Guinevere, you’re always doing things for everyone but yourself, I wish I had the opportunity to show you how much you are worthy of.” He said with so much determination conviction. Arthur looked as surprised as Guinevere felt about his sudden revelation. “Uuuuhm, please excuse me Guinevere, I have things to attend to.” And with that he was walking away.

Guinevere hesitated for a split second but her heart called out to Arthur instead, she could hear her voice whispering his name and feel her heart screaming it, yet somehow she didn’t really believe that he heard her call out him.

His heart beating so hard and loud that he was certain Guinevere heard it and was only calling out to him to find out if he was okay...Arthur turned around slowly...

Looking at her, the way those stray curls blew around her beautiful face...and those eyes, those eyes that spoke more volumes than any range of books he’d ever read, Guinevere’s eyes, her eyes that haunted his dreams and kissed his skin with her every look, those very eyes were looking at him as if he were the only man in the world...and his breath caught, constricting his chest making him unable to answer her call to him, she was so lovely. Instead he stood there like a love fool. She came towards him, worry etched on her face.

“Arthur, are you alright?”

His lovely Guinevere was worried about him and his heart leaped again. Clearing his throat, he responded, “Yes, uuuhm, yes, Guinevere....I am, I was just...uuuum....nothing to be worried about. I was just thinking.”

Guinevere’s expression changed from concern to sympathy, she slowly reached for him, touching his arm, a small gesture surely...to Guinevere, but to Arthur it felt like an electric bolt to the heart waking him from a year long heartache. The last time they touched intimately, the last time he touched her, well her hand to be precise was the night the Dragon escaped and ran rampant through Camelot, although the night did end most fantastically if he did think so himself, with Guinevere running to him and crushing them both in her welcomed embrace, thrilled to have him home safe and sound. That night as he lay in bed, he’d sworn to himself that Guinevere’s skin had to be the softest thing he had ever laid his hand upon, like silk, only smoother, softer, warmer...like a chilled Winter’s day when the sun sneaks out to play hide and seek, and you feel like you’ve just been given a golden ticket to a front row seat around the sun basking in its warmth or a beautiful spring day full of hope or a....yes, that was what it was, Guinevere represented the hope he felt inside. The hope that one day things would change and he would be able to hold that gentle, kind hand of hers in public, while walking hand in hand about the village, without the hard, scorning glances from unkind people. The movement of her hand on his arm brought him back to reality and he looked at her sparkling eyes that held a hint of sadness. Being the woman he knew, he knew instantly that her thoughts, unlike his, were of Morgana, not just a Lady to her, but someone who had become her childhood friend and who she was now a confidant of.

She spoke and with it broke contact with his arm, and he felt like he lost the rays of the perfect sunshine on the most sublime Summer morning...”You’re thinking about your journey out today to find Morgana aren’t you? I no longer know what to think myself. The hours have turned into days, those days have turned into months and now the months have turned into a year...” Sadness covered the beauty of her deep brown, honeyed eyes and in that moment he wanted to reach out for her, take her in his arms and hug her so fiercely never letting her go, although she was so petite and gentle that he was sure if he followed his craving to hold her, he’d crush her and there was absolutely no way that anyone was hurting his Guinevere, let alone him. Now was the time for strength, the strength to be able to resist his urge to touch her. He laughed inwardly at himself, he, Prince Arthur, the finest swordsman in the land and the strongest warrior Camelot has, he found it so unbelievable that Guinevere possessed him so, that he was willing to beseech the slightest touch from her???...she had him love struck and on his knees ready to take on the Universe for her...and the amazing irony was, that she was absolutely and entirely unaware of the kind of power she had over him, not an inkling as to how her every movement, every look, every word spoken in her Angel voice, had him completely and utterly wanting more. He’d come to the conclusion in the midst of the Great Dragon’s drama last year that his Guinevere was the purest, strongest lady he would ever have the honour of being in the presence of. Every time he thought of her, the lady that shaped his heart and moulded his actions, his heart ached so very deeply for their predicament and circumstance they found themselves in. He longed for the comfort of his Mother then, re-assuring her son that change would come to Camelot and he would be able to love whomever he wished. Although he always felt her presence close to him, he assumed it was because he carried her in his heart wherever he tread, but lately, he could have sworn that she was especially closer to him whenever his heart bled for Guinevere, willing him to continue believing that one day his Guinevere would truly be his not only in his heart and eyes, but in his people’s eyes too, for once they’d seen her beauty and kindness through that tender and golden heart of hers, they too would fall hopelessly and utterly in love with her. He smiled then and did something that felt second nature to him.

She didn’t see it coming, not only because of the tears that were slowly forming in her eyes, but because the last time Arthur touched her, was that night...the night she silently promised her heart to Arthur Pendragon, the fiercest protector of Camelot, who was now gingerly lifting a calloused finger to her chin and before she could stop herself she was leaning into his warm, gentle fingers looking up at him to find his other hand slowly and kindly wiping her tears with his handkerchief...her heart skipped what felt like a thousand beats. THAT was no plain handkerchief, she blinked her eyes so that she could look clearly at it, yes, her inner hope child was rejoicing, she pulled in a deep breath, he kept it, she thought. That was the handkerchief she’d given him almost a year ago for good luck before his joust, it was also just before he’d kissed her and sent her world, a world very different to his, into a definitive tail spin. She marvelled at the handkerchief, too stunned to formulate a coherent word much less a sentence.

Arthur saw the inner battle raging within her, should she or shouldn’t she enquire from him, if it indeed was the very same handkerchief she’d given him, the very same one that he’d treasured from that magnificent day onwards, the day he’d kissed his Guinevere and instantly known that there would never ever be another for him and from that day forth, he’d promised his heart to his Guinevere for he was certain that no one else could ever quench that thirst for his beautiful, genteel, strong Guinevere. He laughed inwardly again at his lovesick notions, the mighty Arthur Pendragon had become a Love Sick Fool and he could no longer deny the obvious.

He was looking at her with such a look of adoration that Guinevere took in a quick breath to steady herself. When he spoke, she would have bet her life, that time had stopped, because right there in that moment, Arthur had never looked more vulnerable...and she wanted to hold him, hug him to her and tell him that everything would be okay, however she was certain that she’d just end up shocking Arthur into the next Century and even then she’d still be struggling to revive him from the shock. Instead she just stood quietly and listened intently.

Just then there was a knock at the door and someone clearing their throat, could be heard. They both looked towards the door to see Sir Leon standing there looking rather apologetically at them.

“I am sorry to disturb you my Lord, but the new round of Knights are waiting upon you to start their first session of blind folded training...” Sir Leon finished so sadly that Arthur looked up again to see him still looking forlornly between them. Arthur could have sworn that he’d seen a hint of understanding and regret etched on Sir Leon’s face, but it was gone in an instant and Arthur was sure he was just seeing things.

Arthur then looked at Guinevere who had her head hung with her hands neatly tucked together in front of her, and when he looked back at Sir Leon, there was that look again but only this time it was directed at his Guinevere. So it was now Arthur’s turn to clear his throat, which startled Sir Leon a bit, however he nodded his apology again, “My Lord.” Sir Leon then left them alone.

He cleared his throat and held the handkerchief with both hands to his heart. Guinevere was now looking at him with so much of trust that it all just flowed out of him.

“I’ve carried this” he motioned to her handkerchief, “with me from the day you gave it to me. It’s never left my heart. I believe that it will always bring me home...” He looked at her so seriously with a look of utter honesty on his face, that she held her breath...and he continued, “Home to where my heart is.”

And with that second admission of love, Arthur Pendragon excused himself and left his chambers...before he kissed his Guinevere for the rest of eternity, where he was certain they’d both find the heaven they knew awaited them...

Guinevere, too bewildered to think straight, felt her knees give in and she sank to the floor, her face in her hands, feeling as if her heart had just been ripped from her being and was walking right alongside Arthur. She would always ache for him like this, she knew that, but it just hurt so much that it was becoming unbearable, so she did what she always did when this overwhelming pain of loving Arthur surfaced, she Prayed for strength. Prayed that her father was looking down at her and sending her the much courage she needed to continue believing that Arthur would be hers one day in every way, strength to persevere and patiently wait for the man she would always love, the man that made her heart beats scream for him, the man that was her soul mate and her love’s match in every way imaginable...
Arthur looked back and saw her on the floor, hands covering her face and sobbing...he was about to go to her when he saw Merlin round the corner and run to his friend. Arthur’s heart ached and all he wanted to do was run back to her, gather her in his arms, mount his horse, ride off into the sunset and take her far, far away where they could get married, be happy and have lots and lots of beautiful babies. He smiled cheekily at trying to picture Guinevere’s reactions to his constant wooing and “let’s practice making babies” face, he couldn’t get that ridiculous smile off of his face and was just thankful that Merlin was nowhere in sight to witness his Prince’s undoing yet again by the beautiful Guinevere, the woman that would one day be his Queen and equal partner, no doubt though she would tell him exactly where to get off if she did not approve of anything he said or did, he loved her feisty nature and was grateful that it was she, that would be putting him in his place for the rest of their lives. He smiled contently, feeling so in love with her...His Guinevere, the future Mother of his children, had no idea how much she was loved right at this moment and Arthur could not contain his excitement at the thought of when he would be allowed to show her just how much he loved her and just how much he wanted to please her for the rest of their lives.

For now though, that desired hope had to be enough, enough to carry him into every battle and enough to bring him back home...to where his heart would always be.


December 27th, 2009

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Vote: Chloe & Oliver ~Chlollie~ for Favourite Couple (Portrait Magazine)

After clicking the link below, just click the drop down menu and look for Chloe/Oliver (Smallville) and

Vote: Chloe/Oliver (Smallville) ~Chlollie~ for Favourite Couple (Portrait Magazine)

♥ ♥ ♥ You've Got to Love Them ♥ ♥ ♥






Thank you to the BEAUTIFUL chlollie comm (Animations by Jenna, Stacy, and A Flawed Fashion)


December 26th, 2009

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Age Ain't Nothin' But a Number...~*(",)*~

I've always felt that the proverbial:
"Age ain't nothin' but a number." ---> line was said in it's truest form...


I still believe that the higher we get up there in numbers, ahem, with regards to our age;D the more of an acquired taste we become...like
♥ Exotic Fruit ♥ ;-) And for the young'ins...No, that does not mean that you're the "tasteless" kind of fruit, it just means that you're a ripe for the pickin' ♥ budding fruit ♥ , the kind that we take under our wings, guiding in the right direction to make sure you get enough sunshine and H2O to soar above the skies;-)

We're like Fireworks ...forever unique & always exploding with colourful sounds & sequences making each and EVERY one of us different and special in that way~*(",)*~

One of Life's Greatest & Most Beautiful Journeys is The Process of Aging...Let the Celebrations Begin~*(",)*~

December 22nd, 2009

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Posted At: Camelot_Love: Arthur/Guinevere: Friending Meme by our Mod: wikked_angel_78 I could only fit part of it on C_L because I always have ToOo much to say...Sooo the balance of it is here~*(",)*~

Kumeshnee (In Tamil {which is my Religion} it means "Lady of Flowers", hence my nick;-)

28 (although, whenever I'v got a case of "Arwen_on_the_Brain" it's like I'm 15 all over again with all the darn "SQUEEEING & FLAILING" of EPIC proportions:-) AND let's not even start with their ever-sweet moments that tickle our hearts and send crazy_wacked out fangirl vibes to our brains that turn us into screeching teary eyed <---{wait...what??? Teary eyed??? I meant, i mean, things have flown into BOTH my eyes{THAT's my story and I am sticking to it, la, la, la, la la;} at inopportune times:D )

Sunny South Africa :D
Time right at this minute: 7:41am (a boiling hot Tuesday, 22nd Dec 09 morning :-)

O.k now, before anyone asks, no, we DO NOT co-habitat in neighbourly love with all the wild animals(LOL) AND contrary to what some people may think we also DO NOT catch a ride to work/school/social gatherings on the backs of elephants, neither do we have lions(or ANY other member of the Wild cat family for that matter) as household pets ;-) (AND YES fellow Arwen_Lovers, i have been asked these questions before! LOL ;-) Also, i don't think i'll ever stop finding them questions funny!

P.S: ALL the beautiful wild animals take up a safe and happy residence at our uber cool Zoo :-)

P.P.S: I think i am the ONLY South African on board this Arwen_LoVe_Fan_Boat!
I just love this comm(Camelot_Love), it's my Arthur & Guinevere Haven and i feel like it's my 2nd home *mwah to all of you that make this place so UNIQUELY WONDERFUL & SPECIAL*

AND a VERY BIG THANK YOU TO you "wikked_angel_78" our very own SUPER_MOD ;-) *lots of hugs & flying kisses coming ur way* for always keeping us on our toes and guiding us! U do such a FANTASTIC job running this comm that keeps all us passionate Arwen fans together and happy*sigh* I think we need a *group hug* lol;-)

Are you sane? Yes I know sanity is relative, but humour us anyway.
Oh yeah baby;-) CoMpLeTeLy. *nods head in ABSOLUTE surety* Can't ya tell from everything you've read above;D

Favourite TV Shows: Ooh boy! There are SoOoOo many...this list could go on forever!!!
(I'm kinda including old TV shows in between here too:) Merlin BBC, Smallville, Little House on the Prairie, McGyver, The A-Team, Mutant X, Dawson's Creek, Ugly Betty, Prison Break, Fastlane, Roswell...(Will add on more when i think about them:-)

I'm adding in my Favourite Cartoons:D --->
Jem, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Smurfs, X - Men, My Little Pony, He - Man, Alvin and The Chipmunks, Casper, the Friendly Ghost and Casper and Friends, Thundercats...(Will add on more when I think about them:-)

I'm adding in my Favourite Soapies:D --->
Santa Barbara, Sunset Beach, Days of our Lives, One Life To Live...(Will add on more when I think about it:-)

I'm adding in my Favourite Couples(RL and Non RL):D --->
I am a PROUD SHIPPER of the FoLLoWiNg PERFECTLY_*tsss*SMOKIN*HoTT*_CoUpLeS: Chlark(Smallville: Clark+Chloe)<---(Lets not even get started on how the writers TOTALLY messed this up...BUT hey, that's for a WHOLE other conversation!), Chlollie(Smallville: Oliver+Chloe)<---(THIS. If the writers don't mess this up too! Here's to hopin',wishin' and Praying that our girl FINALLY gets some proper TRUE lovin' from a REAL man who respects here for who she is;), Merlin BBC (Arthur & Guinevere OFCOURSE;)(ShaWn and MiMi (ShiMi:Jason Cook and Farah Fath-DOOL), ReX and MiMi(ReMi/RiMi: Eric Winter and Farah Fath-DOOL), ReX and GiGi(OLTL-ONLY started watching this soap bcos Farah Fath left DOOL, so i followed her to OLTL AND My Oh My I am XxXsTaTiC that i did, Farah Fath and John Paul Lavoisier SoOoOoOo HEAT upda AREA!!!), Bo(Robert Kelker Kelly) and Billie(Lisa Rinna)(DOOL), Melissa Reeves(Jennifer Horton) and Jason Brookes(Peter Blake)(DOOL), Mason and Julia(Santa Barbara), Joe and Kelly(Santa Barbara), BeN and MeG(Sunset Beach), Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Michael and Sara(MiSa-Prison Break), PaCeY and JoEy(Dawson's Creek), Brennen and Emma(Mutant X), MaX and LiZ(Roswell), VaN and BiLLiE(Fastlane)...If i don't stop now, this list could go on FOREVER;-) Will add on when i remember more:D

Favourite Movies:
Oh there are SoOoOo VeRy MaNy that I AbSoToOTLy LoVe...from them days to the present...so this list is not in any particular order;-) ...The Mighty Ducks, Mr.&Mrs. Smith, A Walk To Remember, Miss Congeniality 1 and 2, Two Weeks Notice, ANYTHING with Sandra Bullock, Hugh Grant, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie;-) Gone With the Wind, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers...AND let me just telya this list could go on FoReVa if i don't stop now(lol) BUT I will add more as i think abt them~*~(",)~*~

Other Interests(NON-MERLIN):
WHAT! There are SUCH things?!?!? ;-)
My family and friends. I LoVe reading, listening to music, watching movies at home AND especially LoVe going to the MoViEs;-) RoMaNTiC_AND_GoLDeN_oLdie_MoViEs are my ALL_TiMe FaVe genres, Oh and RoMaNTiC_CoMeDiEs ToOo:-) Factual based movies are also of immense interest to me. I Love sports, playing and watching ---> I am a TOTALLY loyal and devoted fan (I even get all dressed up from head to toe and surround myself with momentos) Hey! that's what TRUE fans do right! right??? :D

OoOoh I am a ToTaL_RoMaNTiC,SoOoOo ANYTHING LoVeY_DoVeY with soulful words that speak to the heart immediately get my blood pumping, BUT i can get my FrEaK on ToOo(LoL) I kinda like ALL kindza MuSiC, it just depends on my mood. The ONLY type of MuSiC that i don't like is Heavy_Metal, other than that ud find ALL typsa muso's in my CoLLeCTioN~*~:-)

Rugby(Lets not get started about the 1995 World Cup (SQUEEE) WE WON AND it was a MOMENTOUS moment for our country seeing as we had only just had our VERY FIRST Democratic Elections in 1994. It really brought the country together, no matter what colour, creed, religion or race:-) *sigh* I always get a lump in my throat and goose_bumps whenever I think about it. Also, Invictus just premiered here a few weeks ago, it's a factual movie based on the 1995 Rugby World Cup that was made by Clint Eastwood, Starring Morgan Freeman as Mr. Nelson Mandela (Madiba) and Matt Damon as Francois Pienaar (Our Rugby Captian at the time)...needless to say that i way all choked up, mascara teary eyed, sobbing by the end of the movie.) PJ Powers who is a local singer, sang this song entitled: "World In Union" for the 95'RWC and let me just tell ya, the moment i hear it play, no matter the time or place...im a bag full of waiting tears and sobs LOL! IDK why...nah, that would be a lie, i DO know why...It's because when I hear that song...all those powerful feelings of finally having freedom and our democratic rights restored, topped up with such a momentous World victory just, well, reminds me how we should all appreciate the good things in life that we are able to achieve because of the freedom we have to be who we are without the fear of the colour of our skins dictating what we can do and become.) Alright some of the other sports i enjoy are: Cricket, Netball, Volleyball...there are alot more:-)

Long Walk To Freedom by Mr. Nelson Mandela (Madiba as he is lovingly called)~*:-)*~ ANYTHING factual that deals with my country, past and present. I love reading alot, my taste varies to all genres here too AND also has to do with my mood~*~:-)~*~

What made you start watching the show?
Actually I should be thanking Farah Fath (originally from DOOL who then moved onto OLTL, explained above) because when i followed her to OLTL, I could only view her scenes on YT as we don't have OLTL here in SA, when i got into that soapie, i fell in love with the character Evangeline and all the boys who fell in love with her and one of the video suggestions there was a scene with Arthur and Guinevere, i still remember the shot of Guinevere as the pic of that vid, it was the scene from S1E10 TMOT, I remember thinking that she was standing so regel in the shot, so i clicked on the vid and once id watched that scene, i was like...Wow! the simmering chemistry between these two characters make me all tingly and desperate for more scenes with them, also i kept thinking that if this was the way they reacted around each other BEFORE they even had feelings for each other, then by golly WHAT on EARTH and the good HEAVENS would be their reactions not forgetting the chemistry that would OBVIOUSLY boil on over making TOTALLY NON-goodgirl thoughts of us in the process and level of sexy intense chemistry??? I just knew that i was hooked with just that one scene and felt like I.HAD.TO.HAVE.MORE. so like any crazed devout fangirl, i searched and searched until i found ALL their scenes together, discovered a whole new level of *tss*SMOKIN*HOTTNESS* I never thought possible between 2 people...and thus began my journey with Merlin and my ever growing obsession love for Arthur and Guinevere *SQUEEE* ~*(",)*~

What scene made you sit up and notice the potential of A/G?
Thank the Heaven's that i love repeating meself LOL! As mentioned above, it was the very first time I'd scene anything with regards to Merlin, the scene from S1E10 - TMOT. Arthur looked every bit the rowdy, misguided future King and Guinevere...Oh deary, need i say more, she took my breath away looking so regel...in THAT moment i could ALREADY see the Future Queen within her *SQUEEE*. It was like watching a preview to what kind of loved up Future Rulers they would one day be...the hard, straight laced King who only has googley_lovesick_eyes for his Lady Love who upon listening to the advise from his only True Love, begins to have faith in himself again...And darling Guinevere, who is just such a lover and a giver that she could inspire a rock to donate blood!!!*SQUEEE* I just LOVE talking all things Arwen and reliving all these wonderful memories. (I've got all their scenes playing minimized style so that i can see them from the corner of my eye and listen to them while I'm typing all this up. I'm not kookoo_crazy just in_love with them okay

Post your favourite A/G scene(can be from the show, S&M or BTS images) in a GIF or a JPEG?
*looks lost with quivering bottom lip* but there are sooo very many to choose from??? O.k, if i have to choose one (and im not saying im liking having to choose just one) then i am defiantly choosing only ONE OF MY FAVES but only because i have to choose just one *note how well worded this sentence is?! ;D*
In 3 simple words I will tell you my fave:...drumm roll please...."ALL THEIR SCENES" *taa daa*I'm clever right ha, ha!* alright, alright, just one scene huh? *in a whiny child like voice: "Do i really haaave too???"*

Then here it is (gif thanks to dis_netis *mwah*):

This scene, the "True_Love's_Kiss" scene, for me brought finality AND a breath of relief to our aching Arwen hearts...this *kiss* was SO full of passion and love and feelings and emotions and GAAAAAAH just SO full of EVERYTHING that embodies our Arthur and Guinevere...AND lets not even get started on all those smouldering, intense, deep looks they give each other...*me faints*THUD*just by thinking about it...Arthur and Guinevere both say SO VERY MUCH with their sexy eyes, it truly is captivating and HoTT HoTT HoTT mesmirizing...AND I am stopping right here...because as you can tell, i can go on and on and on forever talking.

Rec your favourite A/G fic?
imigination's on going tale about Queen Guinevere's Pregnancy with the starting piece entitled A Very Good Feeling There are 6 parts + 1 bonus piece. I CANNOT wait for the next installment *SQUEEE*

Rec your favourite A/G fanvid?
O.k now, i was alwedy forced to name just one of my fave A/G scenes...I CANNOT handle having to choose just one here too*quivering bottom lip, wobbly chin* Please don't make me...(sniff,sniff) LOL! Seriously though, I cannot choose just one. There are too many, but when i can make a choice here, I will update this, promise:-)

What do you do in the fandom?
Besides *SQUEEEING* that *SQUEEEING* and *SQUEEEING* contributing *SQUEEEING* to *SQUEEEING* discussions. *SQUEEEING* LOL! Seriously though, I love making vids, the few I've done are on my YT channel, but I havn't had a chance to make any new vids for while and i am craving to make Arwen vids, so hopefully, time permitting i will be able to really soon *fingers & toes crossed* oh and i also make icons, just need to figure out how to post them properly on my page *Miss.Ditzy-Don't-Know-How shows up every once in a while;* but yeah i pretty much excel at the *SQUEEEING* ~*(",)*~

Why do you need/want more A/G love on your friends list?
Because my SANITY demands it;D Oh and also so that i could have more buddies to *SQUEEE* along with me...or *FLAIL*...either way, ONE thing is guaranteed...We'll be having a BLAST~*(",)*~

Is your journal public or friends only?

Anything else you'd like to tell your potential friends about you?
*i am not crazy i am not crazy i am not crazy...just dizzy with Arwen induced luurve* I just LOVE our Arwen imaginations...we can take ANYTHING we see and turn it into a Camelot_Arwen_Love inspired theme*cannot get this Colgate_Smile off my face* And it REALLY doesn't help that my eyes are like big shiny bright Arwen beacons of hope *sigh* Since iv gotton on the non-stop Arwen_Love_Boat(slower, romantic moments) that also stops just for us to hop onto the speedy Arwen_Train_of_Love(faster, angsty moments) *choo*choo*...I refuse to get off *shakes head furiously* I'm loving my stay here and will not leave under any circumstances...to say we're a devoted bunch is an understatement hey! ha ha!

Oh, I'm Indian, so i LoVe spicy food, exotic dancing and clothing + shoes. I love doing make-up, facials, manicures+pedicures, etc. I'm a Beauty Therapist by profession. I also love being creative in every sphere of my life. Having my own style in everything i do or wear is important to me.

*serious face* Uuuh, I'm guessing that after you read ALL of what I've written in this post, you'd pretty much gather who and what I am;D BUT if there is anything else you would like to know, then please ask away, i would love to answer any q's :-)???

~*(",)*~ Arthur & Guinevere FOREVER ~*(",)*~
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